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Berita Dana Pensiun Bank Niaga

Bank Niaga Launches Niaga Lucky Reward Program

27 Maret 2008 10:05

Jakarta, Maret 27, 2008 – Bank Niaga, the sixth largest bank in Indonesia in term of assets, launches ’Niaga Lucky Reward’ program. This 2008 promotion program of Niaga Credit Card is aimed to increase sales volume and awareness while also being an interesting gimmick for potential cardholder to apply Niaga Credit Card.

Lynna A. Muliawan, Executive Vice President – Head of Card & Preferred Circle Bank Niaga said: “Niaga Lucky Reward is available for all of Niaga’s cardholders (excluding Niaga Corporate Card). By only spending Rp300.000,- for anything at anywhere, the Niaga cardholders will get 1 point (available for multiple). Whilst, for the approved new application and the first transaction, they will get 3 point for Platinum Card, 2 point for Gold Card and 1 point for Classic Card and Mini Card.

Lynna also said that Niaga’s cardholders will get 3 point for Fix N Easy and another 3 points for Niaga Quick Pay (Bills Payment).

Niaga Lucky Reward which available from March 5 to December 31, 2008 is divided into three periods. The drawing will be held for each period providing 20 Samsung LCD TV 37” or 40 Nokia 6500 Classic and Grand Prize 1 unit Mercedes-Benz B 170 (5th March to 31st May 2008), New C 200 K Classic (1st June to 31st August 2008) and E 200 K Facelift (1st September to 31st December 2008).

For the appreciation for new cardholders whose application being approved until the end of June, Bank Niaga provides Free for Life program (free annual fee for life).

The entire programs mentioned above are part of ‘Reward For Life’ program for the Niaga’s cardholders.

The total issued Niaga Credit Card up to now is about 400 thousand cards which are used most for transacting at Groceries and Department Store. As of 31 December 2007, the number of Niaga Credit Cards issued increased by 53% and total sales volume increased by 39%.

Established in 1955, Bank Niaga is majority owned by CIMB Group, the second largest Malaysia’s financial institution and one of the South East Asia’s premier banks. As of 31 December 2007, the total CIMB Group’s shares at Bank Niaga was 63.13 percent.